Dr. Darryl Leroux of St. Mary's University joins us to talk about his research of a movement in eastern Canada that is self-indigenizing in order to gain access to social and political spaces, often based on a single ancestor from the 1600's. Additional information on his research is in the links below:

https://maisonneuve.org/article/2018/11/1/self-made-metis/ https://smu.ca/academics/departments/sjcs-faculty-staff-darryl-leroux.html

For more information you can also see the research of previous guest Dr. Kim Tallbear

http://kimtallbear.com/ https://www.newscientist.com/article/mg22129554-400-there-is-no-dna-test-to-prove-youre-native-american/

and Dr. Alondra Nelson


TWIWF: Making métis in eastern Canada with Darryl Leroux