Everything else

Everything else
Me: my ducks are absolutely not in a row.  Me:  At this point I don't even know where my ducks are.  My ducks:  Image of two ducks in the back of a police cruiser.


I have a hard enough time maintaining my website and getting these essays out with anything approaching regularity. I subscribe to a blog called organizing my thoughts and I briefly flirted with calling this place collecting my thoughts, because organizing is out of my reach right now but collecting then in one place is something I can do. Usually that one place is my desk with piles of books that loosely represent the themes of whatever I'm working on. Except that I have piles of books on my end table as well, and in addition to regular bookshelves I also have those floating wall shelves that make it look like you've got piles of books just hanging on your walls. I actually put a runner and candles on my dining table because if it looks nice I feel bad about making piles there too. It's not particularly effective at stopping me, but at least I feel bad about it. The best part is that despite an attempt at organizing my books, they have started that entropic return to chaos we knew was inevitable.

The problem is that calling it collecting my thoughts sounded too much like organizing my thoughts and even I was getting confused by which blog was getting into my emails so it was time for a rebrand. And I like the idea of a thousand worlds struggling to be born, a thousand worlds being imagined, a thousand piles of stuff I'm trying to keep organized or at least accessible.

Asian woman with long hair in the midst of a messy room. She spreads her arms and says "a little disorganized"

I have two piles of digital stuff. This blog is where I write about books and other things that I read. It used to be on substack but they're all here now, you can go back through the archives and read everything I've published over the last couple of years. My website is where everything else is. You can find information on past and upcoming gigs, other things I've written, details about a podcast series I did called Aambe: A Year of Indigenous Reading that is forming the backbone of my current book project, and a little bit more. In my spare time I run a foundation. We're small beans, but last year we redistributed over $100,000.

Black background with beaded flowers to the right.  The Nii'kinaaganaa Foundation is an Indigenous led mutual aid non profit that redistributes funds from settler donors to Indigenous people. Click here to find out more. Nii'kinaaganaa Foundation | payyourrent.ca

If you like the things you've read here and you want to commission something for your own publication, have me on your podcast, or just drop in on your book club you can email me at patty.krawec@gmail.com. For speaking events, please contact rob@transatlanticagency.com. Click on Joey for more details about the topics I can speak about, although if there's something specific you are interested in I'm certainly open to discuss it with you.

Joey from Friends in a red turtleneck looks at a script and says "bloo blah de blah blay"
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