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Ambe started as a bookclub, going through 2021 looking at different books by authors who are Black and Indigenous to the Americas. It is panel discussions about these books and you can find out more at daanis.ca/ambe

This is the place where books collide.  Where the books that I read collide with other books and become new ideas or questions I want to ask.  That’s why I created the bookclub and the podcast Medicine for the Resistance because when books collide new things emerge and I am very, very interested in new things.

So every week or so I’ll post an essay about what I’m reading and how it’s combining with other things I’m reading and you’ll get to watch me learn in real time. I’m working on a book right now about untangling from this colonial mess. It’s meant for Christians, but so many of us have absorbed Christian ideas that it’s really meant for Americans and Canadians and people who don’t think of themselves as Christian but we still have these ideas because they are everywhere. And understanding how we got here can help us figure out how to move forward.


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where books collide