Story is a tool for erasing and controlling people, but it is also a way to reclaim and stake out identity. From the transformational power of tricksters, through the keepers of Indigenous knowledge, to the re-creative hope of futurism Indigenous Story matters. Some of the Indigenous futurists mentioned by Daniel (and others who deserve mention) are Chelsea Vowell, Elizabeth LaPensée, Karyn Recollet, Lou Cornum, Grace Dillon, Skawenatti, Lindsay Nixon, Rebecca Roanhorse. Get your pen out to jot down many others ...

A list of the Indigenous spec fic (or, to use the term I prefer, “wonderworks”) writers he refers to is on Daniel's website here:

And of course his recent book "Why indigenous literatures matter."

Buckle up.

Transformation, Tradition, and the way forward with Daniel Heath Justice. Futurism and Imagining.