The Stories We Tell

And they talk and laugh and have a great time.  

Back in the summer we talked about fiction and the stories we tell about our communities and ourselves. I was joined by Waubgeshig Rice, (an Anishinaabe storyteller and journalist) as well as Sonia Sulaiman (a keeper of Palestinian folktale) and Kesha Christie (an Afro-Caribbean storyteller).  

There’s just too much good fiction out there and it was hard to make a list of the books that people should read because there’s just so much that is excellent. And when I started thinking about Indigeneity as a global thing, well the amount of excellent fiction just exploded and then I had a thought.

What if we talked about our stories, about recovering them and saving them and sharing them with others and so I gathered three storytellers and we shared our stories.  We shared our stories of dislocation and trauma, our stories of Nakba and the Middle Passage and Residential Schools. We shared our stories of butts and babies that are little shits and tricky spiders. We shared the stories that we saved from white anthropologists who had a single story about us. And it was magic.

So please. listen and share widely. You can read the transcript here.

And join us next month at when we talk about Being Indigenous.

The Stories We Tell

An Anishinaabeg, a Palestinian, and an Afro Caribbean storyteller walk into a podcast ....